Shorei-kan Karate India and Asia

Shorei-kan India & Asia, is the authorized Asian & Indian representative of Shorei-kan Okinawan Goju Ryu, as appointed by the founder, the late great Grandmaster, Sekichi Toguchi. Shihan S. Haribabu is the Asian Chief andShihan-dai Vahitha Haribabu is the Indian representative.

Shorei-kan teaches the art of Okinawan Goju ryu karate. Go-ju which means hard-soft is a unique style, combining hard closed hand, linear techniques and soft open hand circular techniques, combined with an emphasis on proper breathing techniques. The evolution of Goju ryu began with Master Kanryo Higashionna, one of the great masters of Naha-te, a precursor to karate andwas developed further by his student, Master Chojun Miyagi, who founded the Goju-ryu style of karate. Shorei-kan is the name of the school founded by Grandmaster Seikichi Toguchi after the death of his teacher, master Miyagi. In keeping with the principles of karate, Master Toguchi named the school, Shorei-kan, which means house of courtesy and respect.