About Us

# Shorei-kan was established in India in 1986 and is one of the oldest and mst respected schools. Shihan Haribabu has committed himself to a lifetime of obsession with martial arts from childhood. He has travelled the world to learn Shorei-kan karate under renowned masters, Shihan Scott Lenzi in the USA, Shihan Toshio Tamano in Italy and then had the rare honour to be a direct student of the late Grandmaster, Kaicho Seikichi Toguchi for several years in Okinawa and Tokyo. He was bestowed the title of 'Shihan' (Professor), with the distinction of being one of the last students to be awarded the title directly by Master Toguchi. Shihan Haribabu was also accorded the honour of being appointed the Shorei-kan representative for Asia by Master Toguchi. For over 3 decades, Shihan Haribabu has devoted himself to Shorei-kan karate and he still teaches and trains with intensity, dedication, sacrifice and passion.